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If you are interested in booking Rubber Biscuit, or if you have already made a provisional or firm booking, we would ask that you read and carefully consider the following points:

Deposits ~ Where a deposit has been requested and paid, this will not be returned if you choose to cancel the booking within three calendar months of the booked date. Any deposit paid is returnable in all other circumstances.

Discos and Other Bands ~ If, in addition to Rubber Biscuit, you book either a disco or band to perform at the same event/function then Rubber Biscuit must be given priority in respect of locating, setting up and sound-checking prior to performance.

Dressing Rooms ~ We would ask that you make every effort to provide a separate room for band members to gather, change, tune up etc.

During Our Break ~ To keep the party going we have the capability to provide pre-recorded music between our two sets, as well as before and for a short while after our performance. If you require a specific song played for your ‘first dance’ etc. please let us know – it is something we can facilitate but we may need you to provide a copy of the song on CD or minidisc.

Fees ~ The agreed fee (or the balance, where a deposit has already been paid) should be paid in cash on the booked date; the payment should consist of a mixture of ten and twenty pound notes.

Food and Drink ~ While we do not make it a condition of any booking that refreshments are provided for the band, they are always welcome; please bear in mind that some members often travel to a gig directly from their day jobs and may not have eaten. If you do agree to provide refreshments for the band we are happy to leave the choice to you; it would be appreciated if soft drinks are made available for the drivers, there is a strong preference among the non-drivers for draught beer.

Getting In ~ We aim to arrive at a venue around two hours before our scheduled performance time, please ensure that there is someone to meet us at the venue on arrival. It takes approximately one hour for the band to get in, set up and check sound levels; if the schedule for your event or function does not afford us this opportunity then it will be necessary for us to attend and set up earlier in the day, in this case there will be a 15% surcharge to cover additional staff time and transport costs.

Lighting ~ We carry a small system of moving and static lights which is adequate for most venues. If you have any concerns about your lighting needs then please speak to us.

PA System ~ We provide our own PA System comprising: HK Audio Elias 1,000 Watt System incorporating four ‘front of house’ speakers and dedicated on-stage monitoring, 24 channel Behringer mixing desk, plus graphic equalisers and effects unit. This set up is sufficient for small to medium sized venues, for larger venues and open-air events it may be necessary to supplement our own equipment with a number of hired items (see Possible Additional Costs).

Playing Times ~ We will play two sets of up 1¼ hours duration, with a minimum 30 minute break in between. Please let us know your planned itinerary in advance; if you require the band to play beyond midnight then this may be subject to an additional, negotiable charge.

Possible Additional Costs ~ In certain circumstances (e.g. larger venues, outdoor events) we may consider it necessary to hire in additional PA equipment to supplement our own system. The standard fee quoted makes no allowance for the cost of hiring extra equipment. Where we consider it necessary to hire extra equipment the additional expense will be passed on directly to you at cost. Rest assured that we will not incur any additional costs without first obtaining your agreement. (Please also see Getting In and Playing Times).

Power ~ As a rule, the more electrical sockets the better. That said, a minimum of four standard 13A sockets within three metres of the main performance area will suffice.

Space ~ With up to twelve performing members and our own sound engineer, Rubber Biscuit requires a sizeable space in which to perform: a minimum of 32m² is desirable. In addition a space of around 2m² is required within the audience/guest area to accommodate our sound engineer and associated equipment, at a distance of at least four metres from the main performance area. If you have any concerns about the space available please contact us.

Weddings and other Private Functions ~ If you are booking Rubber Biscuit to play at your wedding reception or other function please consider carefully the band’s suitability, as we do not radically change our repertoire or style of performance for functions. If you’ve previously seen us perform at a pub or other public gig you should know exactly what to expect; if your reception or party is likely to be ‘a bit of a knees up’ we should go down very well. If, however, you are already worrying about what your Granny might think then you may do better to reconsider and book a ‘function band’ so that everyone can foxtrot the night away.